All marriages have their ups and downs, but couples can find great joy in persevering through potential quitting points.

We recognize God’s magnificent perspective on marriage….marriage represents Christ’s love for His Church. The love found in that bond is holy, steadfastly committed, and willing to sacrifice, when needed.

Upcoming Events

Our church seeks to come alongside marriages with support and helpful tools that will help keep couples together for “the long haul.” Here were two intentional opportunities for couples to rekindle their love, learn and grow, plus have fun doing it!

Past Events:

August 10-12 “Ultimate Marriage Weekend” at beautiful Lake Tahoe

September 21-22 “Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage” conference with Mark Gungor



Most people would agree that healthy marriages include intentional work and lots of prayer for God’s wisdom. Additionally, marriage is transformative to us as individuals. For instance, marriage can wring some of the selfishness out of us! Each partner in a marriage must learn to love more deeply.

It takes a village and a lifetime to do just that. We want to help you find your village by connecting you to our LifeGroups.

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