Vector cartoon style illustration of pirate ship, island and treasure chest full of gold.  Tropical island with palm trees in the sea.

Creekside Congregation:

We need your help!

This year's Harvest Day will be different from past years,
as we are safely taking the gospel into our community.

You can help us by putting up a lawn sign to advertise, by volunteering during the month of October, or by volunteering during the day of October 31.

The Great Harvest Treasure Hunt will be a house-to-house drive-thru pirate-themed scavenger hunt. Participating families will travel by vehicle, visiting four homes in their selected Sector and finishing at the Creekside campus. Sixteen Host Homes have already been designated and are looking forward to receiving 300 visitors throughout the day.

The event will be publicized by lawn signs posted by our own Creekside families. Even if you are unable to participate as a volunteer, we encourage everyone to pick up a lawn sign to promote this exciting event.

There are over 400 volunteer opportunities, prior to and on the day of the event. We are looking for prize packagers, set builders, greeters, traffic directors, and pirates. Please scroll down to view all available opportunities.


Click on a button below to
Volunteer on the Day of the Event

See the Sector Map below to choose your preferred location.
Over 300 volunteers will be needed at our 16 host homes and the Creekside campus.

Questions? Want more information?

Contact Jennifer Sandlin, Volunteer Coordinator, at or 916-685-4821 x165.