Discipleship Pathway

From the first time you visit Creekside to your full engagement with Jesus and the church, we will lead you step-by-step from healing to growth to fulfillment in a place of influence both in and outside the church.

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Connect to God through faith in Jesus Christ and to the local church. We want to help people discover what it means to have life through an authentic connection to God and His Church.

Attend weekend church services

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Faith in Jesus
Church Membership


Grow in relationship with God (vertically) and in relationship with other Christ-followers (horizontally). A true sign of life is constant growth. Our hope is that people will learn to know and live in response to God's love.

Classes and Courses

Financial Peace University (FPU)

Financial Peace University

FPU is a nine-week, biblically-based course that teaches you how to save for emergencies, pay off debt fast, spend wisely, and invest for your future.

A Ramsay subscription is required to sign up for this course.  Sign up and payment for the course is completed through ramsaysolutions.com.

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How to Study the Bible
Prayer Workshop
Meditating on Scripture
Deeper Still Prayer Retreat
Creekside University
Study of The Book of James
Best Yet: Winning in Retirement
Best Yet: Asking God "What's Next?"

Ongoing Opportunities


We have been designed to live in community with other Christians. LifeGroups help us grow in relationship to God and others as we develop Christ-centered relationships and “live life together.”

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1-on-1 Discipleship
Weekly Midday Prayer
RightNow Media


Serve the local church by recognizing and utilizing each person's God-given hardwiring. Our desire is to walk with people in discovering how God has uniquely equipped each one to strengthen Christ's Church and bring joy to their souls.

Discover your Spiritual Gifts

Would you like to know how God has spiritually "wired" you for His Kingdom work? Take our online Spiritual Gifts survey.

God's Will and Your Spiritual Giftedness Workshop

What is Gods’ will for my life? The question has preoccupied or troubled the hearts of Jesus-followers for centuries. This 2-1/2-hour workshop is designed to help you identify and discover fundamental realities of God’s plan for your life as you unwrap your spiritual gifts, and then begin to look toward how God may be calling you to engage those gifts for His purposes. Join Pastor Bill Maxon in exploring your spiritual gifting. Classes are available on January 30, April 10th from 1:00-3:30, and May 21st from 9:30am-12:00pm in Room E103. Register at creeksideeg.com. Read more...

Volunteer at Creekside

Volunteering is a great way to get plugged in and become part of the Creekside community, all while serving Jesus. God has given you a unique set of gifts, passions, abilities, personality, and experiences in order to make a difference for His Kingdom.

We have many opportunities to serve at Creekside, some of which are listed below. If you already have an idea about where you would like to serve, or if you just want to explore your possibilities, please submit the form below and we will contact you to talk about your next steps.


Reach those far from Christ, locally and globally, with the good news we have in Jesus Christ and inviting them to know and follow Him. Our desire is to equip people so they can confidently declare and demonstrate their faith in Jesus Christ through words and deeds.

Share Your Story

Share Your Story

Join Karen Stoneburner to discover how your story connects with God’s story. Practice crafting your salvation story. Gain confidence in sharing your story by understanding the 7 stages of disciple making.

Email karen.s@creeksideeg.com for more information or to sign up for our next workshop.

Gospel Lifestyle

Missions at Creekside 

Our mission is to join God on His mission to reach and redeem this world from sin and brokenness.  We do this through strategic partnerships with missionaries and mission organizations worldwide, by training and equipping people to live as  disciple-makers, and by offering dozens of opportunities for people to actively engage in God’s global mission.