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Troy and Karen Winslow

I was raised from birth by two godly, Christian parents who are my spiritual role models to this day. My father has been a pastor and elder since I was 3, and my mom has ministered by his side and on her own their entire marriage (58 years of marriage. My dad is 85 and still teaching). Knowing and believing in Jesus seemed like a birthright, and I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior and was baptized by my dad when I was around 6.

It never really became a personal relationship, however, until I met my future wife Karen at the advanced age of 14! Karen grew up Catholic, and she caught my eye 39 years ago. In the early part of our friendship and courtship in High School, she was searching for the TRUTH, and I found myself at a loss for answers. I was in a rebellious stage, and when you rebel against your godly parents, you end up rebelling against God.

Things got a little crazy for me and my friends in high school and we were often up to no good. Thankfully, while God allowed me to stray, He never let go of my hand even though He eventually had to get my attention. He used a motorcycle accident to gain that attention. While I was nearly immobile for 3 weeks, He showed me that He didn’t want me to have my parents’ faith—He wanted me to have a personal relationship with Him—a relationship built on the knowledge of Him through my own digging into His Word, time spent in fellowship and prayer with Him, and a love for Him based on who He is and what the cross and His sacrifice meant for me personally. I recommitted my life to Christ as my Lord and Savior that summer before my junior year and from that moment on, we’ve been on a tremendous adventure together: with me challenging His Word in search of the only TRUTH in every aspect of my faith. As in every adventure, my path has not always been straight, the journey never complete, but I find myself more in love with the Lord, my wife, and my kids today than I have ever been in my life—and that’s a good place to be.

Note: Troy and his wife, Karen, have been a part of our church family since January, 1994. The day our current campus opened was their first visit and they joined as official members within the first couple of months (27 years ago). They have two adult children, Victoria and Timothy.

Troy has served 4 terms on the Elder Board (also served 2 terms on the Deacon board before the Elder Board was established), spent nearly 16 years on the Finance Committee, and was also the Chairman of the Senior Pastor Search Committee which brought us Pastor Scott Hansen.

Thoughts From Our Senior Pastor and Elders

Scott Hansen

God has been preparing Troy Winslow for years to step into a role like Executive Pastor. I see the fingerprints of God all over this time of transition and full-heartedly endorse it. As Bill Maxon steps down as our Executive Pastor in the coming months, it is just like God to have prepared someone to fill this critical role as Creekside moves into the future.

Bill Maxon
Mike Otto
Joel Smith
Tung Tran
Jathan Castaneda
Deniz Garrett
Liviu Vizitiu
Bob Fendall
Trevor Glenn
Darin Boyd

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