MFLT Trainee and/or Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor Trainee

Position Identification

  • Title: Marriage and Family Therapist Trainee and/or Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor Trainee  **Enrolled in an accredited Master’s Level Program REQUIRED**
  • Department: Community Counseling Center of Elk Grove (CCCEG)
  • Reports to: CCCEG Leadership team
  • Classification: Part-time (up to 15 hours per week)

Position Summary

Therapist Trainees provide individual adult and children’s therapy as well as couples and family therapy to fulfill objectives for the program core goals͘. Therapist Trainees see clients individually as well as in couples, families, and facilitate psychoeducational and therapeutic support groups to a range of populations. Bilingual is a plus.


  • Provide therapy to individuals and families as assigned by the program’s leadership team, which may include individuals, children, couples, or families.
  • Regularly attend required individual and group supervision with assigned clinical supervisor.
  • Collect clinical file documents as required by leadership team filing protocol; prepare client assessments, treatment plans, exit interviews, and other client documentation for confidential storage and entry in program-provided Simple Practice account.
  • Maintain weekly therapy records, including counselor notes and records of payment in Simple Practice.
  • Conduct psychoeducational and support groups as determined by program leadership team.
  • Attend required staff meetings to remain updated on policies and practices, trainings, and more.
  • Advocate for client needs with leadership team and outside agencies as suggested and approved by clinical supervisor.
  • Collaborate with outside agencies regarding counseling, victim resources, and other miscellaneous needs in order to offer appropriate referrals to clients in coordination with program supervisor.
  • Attend internal and local trainings/conferences as requested by clinical supervisor.
  • Must be able to establish and maintain an appropriate professional relationship with assigned supervisor and leadership team staff: including accepting and benefiting from constructive feedback, criticism and or direction.

Education, Training, and Experience

Must be enrolled in an accredited Master’s level counseling program and have at least Trainee status. Emphasis is on learning casework and treatment methods appropriate to CCCEG’s program, procedures, and policies as part of multi-disciplinary team. Must be enrolled in an approved clinical practicum or internship program at their university.


  • The schedule for this position is developed with the program leadership team based on program needs and office availability, as well as trainee strengths and areas needing growth. Provide at least ten (10) hours and no more than twenty (20) hours per week to the agency during regular office hours; expected to maintain an average caseload of 10 clinical hours of client counseling per week. Also, must be available for regularly scheduled supervision meetings.
  • Due to the essential functions of this job, including providing therapy to vulnerable people, arriving for scheduled hours on time is an essential requirement.


  • Must have the ability to communicate effectively with clients and program staff over phone, electronically, and in-person, and have the ability to meet with clients in person in program offices during regularly scheduled office hours.
  • May be required to stand, sit, stoop, bend, and lift/move up to 20 lbs. CCCEG may accommodate these physical requirements upon request if such accommodation is in the best interest of the client.

 Mental/Social Requirements

  • Must pass extensive background check.
  • The option to telecommute is very limited and is assessed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Clinical supervisor and must be based exclusively on client needs.
  • Proof of COVID19 vaccination required (discuss exemption request with HR)

Salary: $20 per client hour stipend