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Christmas Unchanging Hope Title

A BRAND NEW Drive Thru Christmas Experience!

We’ve all had something important postponed or prevented because of this tumultuous COVID year.
You wonder what will be taken away next and all this loss can lead to loneliness and isolation, especially heading into the holidays. Some kids in our town wonder if they’ll even get a Christmas present this year.

That’s why Creekside is responding by planning something BRAND NEW to provide families a great Christmas experience AND gifts for children who might otherwise not receive one! We are creating a drive thru Christmas Experience called Christmas: A Time of Unchanging Hope.

People will pull up to Creekside in their cars and experience a light show synced to music across the front of the church. Then they will travel to a series of stages around campus to experience live music, beautiful light displays and hear the Christmas nativity story.

They will see themed sets like "Christmas in America” and "Christmas Around the World" with displays for Christmas in Ecuador and the Philippines; then they’ll see the story of the first Christmas and learn about the unchanging, everlasting love of Jesus.

With so many Christmas events cancelled this year, we’re thrilled to be giving families a safe and fun option!

The program will run from 6 to 9pm Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings December 10, 11, 12 and December 17, 18, 19.

We would LOVE for you to be part of this special gift to our community! For us to pull this off, it’s gonna take EVERYBODY!

If you're participating in music or tech…

Want to serve at this event? Sign up HERE

For those driving through:

What is needed to make this event happen?
We are asking you to donate supplies and yourselves to make this happen. We need to paint gingerbread people and sets, assemble Christmas trees and put up lots and lots of lights. We have a plan but we need workers throughout November to make it come to life.

We also need Christmas yard décor, we have a big campus and we would love to fill it with lots of beautiful displays. If you have big lighted displays that you would or lend or donate, we will find a place for them.

In December we will need volunteers to direct traffic and hand out cookies and collect toys. We need people to plug in and turn on the lights each night and then to shut everything down at the end. In short it will take an army of volunteers to bless our town.

Are you willing to join us in a mission to spread God’s love and His story to our community? You can sign up HERE to volunteer or you can drop off decorations at the church office.

You would be a big blessing to our community and play an important role in spreading the love of Jesus this Christmas. How 'bout it?!

Worship Wednesday

On Wednesdays during this crisis we'll post worship song videos to encourage your heart and help lift our collective focus to heaven.

There are many stresses and challenges during this COVID-19 crisis, and yet we HOPE in the ONE who is with us, is for us, and will overcome - let's worship Him together!


Creekside Worship with Judah Dwight Sanders, Gienele Catindig, and Jessica McLarty

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Creekside Worship with Judah Dwight Sanders, Kierra Benton, and Peter Neumann

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Creekside Worship with Katie Haley, Peter Neumann, Jessica McLarty, and Rob Burkey

Living Hope

Creekside Worship with Jessica McLarty, Peter Neumann, Austin Mua, and Val Haley.

The Blessing

Creekside Worship with Peter Neumann, Judah Dwight Sanders, and Jessica McLarty

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