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Pastor Scott Hansen

November 28, 2021

Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving. Join us for Creekside online as Pastor Scott talks about the Messiah Mystery.


Meet Our Speaker

Meet Our Speaker

Pastor Scott Hansen

Scott Hansen took a long and crazy journey to get to where he joined Creekside staff in 2014. He was born and raised in California. His pre-college days included becoming an Eagle Scout, traveling Europe a couple of times in a pop music group, and singing in a rock band. By the end of his senior year in high school, Scott lost his oldest brother in a tragic car accident. It was this family crisis that eventually led Scott to begin secretly reading the Bible and coming to know Jesus Christ in a direct, personal way.

Scott’s actual call into ministry came in 1982, and the next year he began three-years of seminary, followed by 18 years of service as a missionary in Europe with his wife Michelle and kids. Scott is an avid ancient coin collector, and uses this hobby and passion to gleam insights into the life and times of the ancient world, specifically Israel and the Middle East.

Scott Hansen | Lead Pastor

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