Marriage & Family

Connecting, Growing, Serving and Reaching together as families

We have ministries for Men, Women and Children. But here at Creekside we also find it important to gather together as the family with other families.

We want to equip the next generation

In 2023 we will be focusing on equipping the next generation to thrive by creating new spaces for our kids and students at Creekside.

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Crisis & Anxiety Resources

Navigating the topic of crisis and anxiety with our kids and students can be a powerful opportunity to foster an unshakable faith in Jesus Christ. Communication is the key and it is important for parents to be continual learners. Click these resources for some practical helps.


White 3x5 card on marble table with the words Parent Child Dedication written on it.

Child Dedication

The date of our next Child Dedication Service is October 29th. Our class for new parents is on Sunday, October 15th at 12:15 PM in M5. Email Lois Sherwin if you have questions or are interested in signing up.