We're Partnering With Angel Tree

A program of Prison Fellowship, Angel Tree reaches out to the children of prisoners and their families with the love of Christ.

Through Angel Tree, you can deliver the Gospel and a personal message of love to children on behalf of their mom or dad in prison.

This year due to COVID-19, Angel Tree is operating virtually!

Click here to access the Angel Tree website, enter the code FASML and choose a child to bless. For a payment of $42 through a secure means, the child will receive an “Adventure Bible” for kids with lots of illustrations, age appropriate salvation literature, and a gift card worth $40.


Men's Ministry

Our mission is to give men the opportunity for growth in becoming more Christ Like.

This is accomplished by providing: comprehensive biblical studies; opportunities to foster friendships; special events and service in ministry that help build the community of God.

About Men's Ministry

Men’s Ministry comes along side of men to help answer these questions: what does God desire of me as a servant, leader, single man, father and husband?

And, how do I walk in the grace of God? All these questions are addressed in the various Biblical studies and events that are held in our ministries.

The Men’s Huddle is an old fashioned breakfast on the 2nd Saturday of each month where men can be encouraged by a speaker addressing relevant topics of the Bible today.  See below for more details!

The Union Gospel Mission outreach is a ministry to the homeless in the inner city of Sacramento. Our men conduct chapel the first Friday of every month. Annually our men partner with Angel Tree Ministries to distribute Christmas presents to children of those incarcerated. In addition, the men have ongoing Bible studies on Sundays and Wednesdays (see below for details).

We also connect and serve through our: Men’s Campout (check out our video), Father Son Campout (check out our video), Prison Ministry, Helps ministry and more.

Please join us on our Creekside Christian Church Men's Ministry Facebook page!

Contact: Earl Estep, 916-862-1528


Bible Studies



Wednesdays, 6:30-7:30am

A perfect morning start, seeking God first!  Led by Chris Losey.

On-site meetings are suspended until further notice, so click here to join us via Zoom!

Meeting ID - 268 458 7951


Men's Huddle

Men's Ministry hosts a Men's Huddle the
second Saturday of each month.

This is where guys in all stages of life come together in community.

Next meeting - Saturday, December 12 at 8am via Zoom
Meeting ID: 450 875 3299

Your Next Step

Our attempt is to live in alignment with scripture by loving God and each other. In addition, this community of believers also attempts to be transparent and non judgmental. People really love each other in this fellowship and anyone can see it and even feel it!

We exist to carry out Jesus’ great commission in order to build the kingdom as led by scripture and the Holy Spirit. Our goal is to “do life” together, so we won’t be isolated by Satan and picked off. We can work, have fun and do God’s will in ministry while we grow closer together. In addition, we want to bring others along with us to participate in these various events. We embrace men being men with no apologies and we want to fulfill the role God has placed upon us.

Core Values

  1. Discipleship and Spiritual Formation
  2. Establishing Christian Friendships
  3. Serving the Kingdom of God

Contact Us

Come connect, grow, serve and reach in our various ministry opportunities.

You want to be a part of this ministry because this is the good soil where one can grow and produce fruit that gives glory to God. Man was never designed to live life alone without the friendship of other believers, the church.

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