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Reaching those far from Christ, inviting them to know and follow Him.

Here at Creekside we are committed to living missionally as we reach out to our community, our nation and the world as ambassadors of Jesus Christ, sharing not only the gospel message but demonstrating His heart of compassion through tangible acts of service. Our definition of missional living: to daily align our thoughts and behaviors to be like Jesus so we can intentionally encounter and love those who need Jesus and invite them to know and follow Him.

About Us

Mission focus is to help people be externally focused.

The generosity of our people is very evident in mission ministry. We have a leadership role in collaborating with other churches to reach locally. We seek to keep pace with God as we develop strategic partnerships.

Our Core Values

  1. Training equipping, resourcing and mobilizing people to live missionally and be disciple makers.
  2. Growing Missionaries: Identifying people in our congregation who sense a calling from God to be missionaries and helping to develop and launch them.
  3. Yes Team: identify, train and equip people to respond to those who come to us who want to know more about Jesus or who have made first time decisions to receive Jesus.

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Mission | REACH exists to help people obey Jesus' final command (Acts 1:8) withing the context of the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) and within the confines of Jesus' return timetable (Matthew 24:14).

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