LifeGroups Meet You Where You Are and Walk Alongside You

LifeGroups are formed to provide an environment where both new and current church attendees can pursue Christian maturity together while developing authentic relationships with one another.

What to Expect

The Christian Life Was Never Meant to be Lived Alone

We have been designed to live in community with other Christians. LifeGroups help us develop Christ-centered relationships and “live life together.” LifeGroups typically meet mid-week in homes to discuss and reflect on the sermon, study Scripture and support one another with our faith journey. They help us grow in relationship to God and others.

We can all enjoy growth spurts through sermons or independent study but a key to long-term growth is the combination of the God’s Word and other Christians to help us understand it and live up to it. LifeGroups meet for approximately ten week sessions and are sermon-based discussions. This is where we discuss how the sermon applies to real life. Discussion Questions are included in the weekly sermon notes or available on-line typically at Through LifeGroups, we come together to share each other’s burdens and to encourage one another to grow. We study God's word and learn how to live and love like Jesus. We’ll put the Sunday sermon into practice, together. The Bible calls this "fellowship" or "loving one another" and we hope you will join us. We encourage everyone to try a group and go for three straight weeks. If the group is not a good fit, it’s ok to try another group. At the end of each session you may stay in the same group, take a break or try a new LifeGroup. Keep trying a LifeGroup until your find the right one!

Miss the last round of groups?

Our LifeGroups meet in 8-12 week sessions. We use a trimester system to allow individuals an on and off ramp for small group involvement. We encourage groups to stay together but realize the ebb and flow of life may require a schedule change. The trimester system also meshes with holiday and traditional school schedules, and allows leaders to take a break when necessary. We break for the summer months.

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Current Status

Next Session

Jan 22 - Mar 26, 2023, 10 week session

Future Sessions

Apr 16 - May 28, 2023, 8 week session



Position: Young Professionals
Categories: Lifegroup, Mixed, Young
  Zachary Carriker received his Master’s of Divinity in 2022.  Growing up at Creekside, he is passionate about helping others find community and lifelong friendships in the church. Zach is committed to developing a sound understanding of scripture and living out everyday life and relationships with biblical wisdom. This group is open to young professional men and women who want to grow in their relationship with Jesus and each other. Sunshine Ball has been raised in a Christian home and found her church home with Creekside late 2021. Sunshine was baptized at age 11 and has followed Jesus with zeal ever since. “I struggle with chronic health illnesses and past trauma. I know God is still good through it all!”. She enjoys movies (especially Marvel and Disney), a variety of music, sitting on the ocean shore, and being with friends and family. Her favorite Bible verses are Psalm 91 and Revelation 21:3-6. Her favorite quote is: “Those who dive into the sea of affliction bring up rare pearls.” – Charles Spurgeon. Her hope for the Young Professionals group is that anyone would feel welcome, give their life to Jesus and have a close relationship with Him, and be the light of the world! Join Now Meeting Day: Sundays @ 12:45pm Cross streets: Waterman & Grant Line


Young Professionals

  Zachary Carriker received his Master’s of Divinity in 2022. ...


Position: Families
Categories: Families, Lifegroup

John and Tamara Krake have four, active children; Kaylee, Jackson, Lucas and little Porter. John works from home as a consultant while caring for the kiddos and Tamara works full time as an HR Executive for the State. Their life is busy, chaotic, loud and fun, and they wouldn’t have it any other way. The Krakes understand the awesomeness and difficulties of being a young family and hope to help others in this same stage of life grow closer to Jesus through fellowship, Bible study and service opportunities. They desire to “do life” together with some activities planned for the whole-family.

Join Now

Childcare Details in confirmation email
Meeting Day: Tuesdays @ 6:30pm
On Campus: in Room E103/104




John and Tamara Krake have four, active children; Kaylee, Jackson,...


Position: Filipino-American Fellowship
Categories: Families, Lifegroup, Mixed

Larry and Tina Tamayo married in 1981 and have been committed Creekside members since 1994. They have three grown children, Lorina, Goldeen and Ezekiel, who are all married and serving the Lord. They delight in their two grandchildren. Larry has a passion for God’s Word and for missions and graduated from WJU with a degree in Bible Theology and Mission. The Tamayo’s have served in many capacities over the years and started the Filipino-American Fellowship of Creekside in 2008. This group meets year-around and all are welcome to join together as Larry teaches the Word of God weekly.

Join Now

Meeting Day: Sundays @ 10:30am
Cross Streets on Campus:  Room M3



Filipino-American Fellowship

Larry and Tina Tamayo married in 1981 and have been...

Young Adults

Position: Multiple Leaders
Categories: Lifegroup, Young

CYA is a ministry which is comprised of college students and young adults who desire to grow deeper in God’s Word together, engage in gospel-centered community and learn to glorify Christ in every facet and season of life. CYA benefits from multiple dynamic LifeGroup leaders who facilitate and lead discussion and prayer on Thursday nights when CYA gathers. This group meets all year long and does not take the same breaks as our other LifeGroups. They are thrilled to have you join them!

Join Now

Meeting Day: Thursdays @ 7-9pm
Cross Streets: on Campus  Room E108

Young Adults

Multiple Leaders

CYA is a ministry which is comprised of college students...

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