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Join us as we help you take the next steps on your discipleship pathway.

Discipleship Pathway

Our discipleship pathway aims to help you connect to God, the local church, and other believers.

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Upcoming Opportunities

Beyond Color Blind 2021 Website header

Beyond Color Blind

Redeeming our Ethnic Journey

Sep 26 - Oct 31

10:30am - 12:00pm

Rm E210/211

Do you feel stuck or afraid to engage in conversation about the racial tension we are experiencing in our country these days? Would you like to take the few steps in growing in your own ethnic journey and development? Creekside invites you to join in this 6-week live course which will discuss the book Beyond Colorblind by Sarah Shin as an opportunity to learn and grow together as we explore diversity in a safe space. This course will also help you share the gospel as an ethnicity-aware Christian.

Next Steps Journey

Oct 4 & 11



Join us for a two-week journey to help you take next steps in your relationship with Christ at Creekside. We'll dig into what it means to connect, grow, serve, and reach. After completing the Next Steps Journey, you will also have the opportunity to become a member of Creekside.

Next Steps Journey


One On One Discipleship

Are you newer to a relationship with Jesus or looking for a way to get more deeply rooted in your faith? We'd love to connect with you and help you grow in the basics of following Jesus by meeting with someone a few steps ahead of you on the journey.

One On One Discipleship


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Volunteering is a great way to get plugged in and become part of the Creekside community, all while serving Jesus. No matter what gifts and talents God has given you, we have an opportunity for you to serve at Creekside.

Life Groups

We have been designed to live in community with other Christians. LifeGroups help us develop Christ-centered relationships and “live life together.”

Get connected to similar believers with a LifeGroup.

More Resources

We know life is tough. That's why we want to connect you with a variety of helpful resources. Find out more details about counseling, financial and pastoral care on our resources page.

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