Church Music Workshop

A Saturday workshop for the worship and tech team!

Only 3 more free tickets!

Saturday, March 11 at Creekside

The Church Music Workshop is coming to Creekside on Saturday, March 11 - join us at this event where you can level up your skills on a range of musical instruments or tech!

There are workshops for voice, guitar, keys, drums, sound, media, worship leading, and more! The unique hands-on format gives you the opportunity to practice what you are learning on your instrument or tech gear right there in the classroom.

Bring your instruments! Be ready to sing, play, and engage the whole day (full list of workshops below).

Grant Norsworthy Headshot

Just Added - Grant Norsworthy!

Grant Norsworthy is a Dove Award winning, Grammy nominated musician, leader, thinker, and artist coming from New Zealand to be the keynote speaker at the conference!

He has a passion for helping church teams lead their congregations well and is a fascinating teacher and coach.

Grant is a frequent writer for Worship Musician magazine, was in the bands Sonicflood and Paul Colman Trio, and has ministered in over 40 states and 20 countries.  Australian born and lived in the states for almost 20 years.

If you come for nothing else, come for the opening general session with Grant!

More info here:

What you'll experience:

• Learn how to sing, play, or run tech gear better - 15 different track options to choose from (full list below)!

• Practice on your instrument/tech gear right in the workshop, not just listen to a teacher demonstrate

• Lunch is included!

You'll learn skills you can put into practice immediately, this is a super practical event!

-This event is open to all ages (kids below age 13 should come with a parent).

-Each track option has 3 classes within it that are designed to build on each other.  So the vocal workshop has 3 sessions that build on each other, the acoustic guitar class has 3 sessions that build on each other, and so on.

-Each track has it's own room.  You can stay in one room/track for the day (vocals all 3 sessions, for instance) or move around based on your interests (vocals the first session, worship leading the 2nd session, keyboards the 3rd).

-Roger Byrd and the CSBC team has been running this event for 20 years in the Bay Area and we are thrilled to partner with them to bring it to Creekside this year!
Keyboard Class

Workshop Track Options

3 Classes For Each Track:

Instruments (you can bring your instrument!):

Improving Your Voice - Emily Mankarios

Acoustic Guitar - Jason Squires

Keyboards and Piano - Peter Neumann

Bass Guitar - Matt Sawhill

Drums and Percussion - Todd Armstrong

Electric Guitar - Brian Logue



Sound Tech Skills - David Thaw

Media and Screens - Michael Holladay



Music Mentor - Grant Norsworthy

Planning and Leading Worship - David Busch

Leading Worship with Your Guitar - Kevin Hunnel

Praise Team Vocals (singing in a group) - Janai Rindels

Pastor’s Track - Dr. Rick Durst, Gateway Seminary

Chinese Language Music Class - Martin Chien

Leading Children in Music - LeAnn Thomas

Schedule For The Day:

8:30 AM Onsite Registration

9:00 AM Opening Worship Session with Grant Norsworthy

10:15 AM Break

10:30 AM Class 1

11:45 AM Lunch (included!)

1:00 PM Class 2

2:15 PM Break

2:30 PM Class 3

3:45 PM Drawing **

** Announcing all included drawing giveaways - many prizes

"You must be present to WIN!"

Top prize = A Re-Born Electric Guitar ready for use.

4:15 PM Dismiss



You'll learn new techniques, tips, and tricks from experienced instructors that you can implement right away!


You'll have the chance to practice right in the workshop (not sit in a lecture). Bring your instrument!


Meet and exchange ideas with worship team musicians and techs from churches around the Sacramento region!

How To Register?

The next 3 people to sign up from Creekside go for free!  Once those spots are filled, it's $30 per person.

  • Please fill out the form below and let us know you're coming.
  • If you're bringing a family member or friend, that's great!  Just let us know the total number (up to 4 for free spots) you're bringing.
  • Questions? Email us
  • If you have any trouble with the form below, please email and she will help you!

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