Next Steps Is Moving

The Next Steps page and the Discipleship Pathway are core to Creekside's mission to love God, love others, and help the world do the same. Every step on our Pathway is accompanied by opportunities to engage in Connecting, Growing, Serving, or Reaching. Starting today, we're making some changes to how this information is presented on the website.

Class Signups

The Next Steps page is crammed full of info. From information about the Pathway to class signups, the page has become increasingly difficult to navigate. To fix this, we're giving every Next Steps class their own page. Moving forward, each of these events will be directly linked from Events page.

The Next Steps Page

The Next Steps page has been renamed to Pathway of Discipleship and is moving under the About Us tab of the website. It has been changed into an information driven page which explains our Pathway and core opportunities to engage.