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Main Pages

Most pages that are found in our header menu are main pages. Main pages encompass more than just one type of content and usually apply to ministries and large events.

Because main pages are so specialized, they can come in a variety of formats. However, a basic template is shown to demonstrate how most main pages are set up.

A main page often has a hero image that dominates the top of the page. Content can be placed inside that hero image. If a hero image is large enough that visitors need to scroll to see more content, a downward facing chevron is used to indicate scrolling.

The bulk of content on a main page is placed below the hero image in order of most importance. Sometimes sections of a main page link to related content pages when more space is needed.

Main Page Layout
Main Page Layout

Content Pages

Content pages are information driven pages. They focus on one type of content such as a single event, class, or other form of media like a contact us page.

Content pages are often linked to from main pages as a way to expand on related content that cannot easily fit on the main page. For example, Student Ministries might have a content page just for their student life groups containing group information and registration.

Content pages do not have a hero image; instead featuring a simple page title and optional tagline. Content pages for events replace that tagline with a date, time, and location for the event.

Note that this page is a content page!

Content Page Layout
Content Page Layout